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     I grew up in Rabun County and graduated from RCHS in 2001. After high school, I moved to Kennesaw Georgia where I attended Kennesaw State University. After a year in college as a psychology major, I decided that I did not want to spend the next 10 years as a student. So, I began my search for a career that would fulfill my passion to help others, but also allow me to begin working sooner than later. After spending only a few hours on the internet searching for ideas, I stumbled upon Aesthetics. Growing up in Rabun, I had never received a facial and I actually did not even realize that a career as an  Aesthetician existed! As a girl, I was always the one giving her friends makeup tips, facial masks and preaching about washing your makeup off at night! So, discovering the skincare industry and the fact that I could make money doing what I had always loved so much, changed my path in life. I attended the prestigious Atlanta Institute for Aesthetics in 2004 and graduated with a 4.0 in 2005. I received my state license in 2005 and have been working for doctors, country clubs, cosmetic laser centers, medical and day spas all over Georgia ever since.  I have experienced every aspect of the skincare industry. I am trained in medical aesthetics and also carry an Associate Laser License from the Georgia Composite Medical Board. I have received additional training over the years and am certified in micro-needling, medical grade chemical resurfacing and reflexology. I have worked with and been trained by so many skincare companies, I can not even list them all. Everything from Obagi, Revision, Neocutis, Eminence, and my favorite Image Skin Care. I truly love my career and am so passionate about what I can do for others.  

     It occurred to me years ago that even I, as an aesthetician, could not afford the very skincare services that I encourage my clients to receive. The services seemed so unnecessarily expensive to me and I felt it was really unfair. Why should only the rich have beautiful skin? Why did it have to cost so much and be considered a luxury? Skincare should be a necessity, not a luxury. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin.

      After moving back to my hometown of Clayton in September 2017, the opportunity to offer my professional skincare services at an affordable cost presented itself. I have converted my daylight basement into a luxurious space where everyone can come to not only receive corrective skincare treatments, but also relax and be pampered.The spa has a separate entrance and has the same ambiance as other spas around the area, but with an added feeling of home and warmth. I use the same professional skincare lines offered in medical and day spas and also provide the extra details that make a spa day feel so special and glamorous. No luxury has been spared. The only difference is the cost. Hence the name, Affordable Beauty. I am so excited to offer my talents to the community and can not wait to start helping people change their skin! 


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